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The Otago Program

Perfecting the Art of Recovery – One Exercise at a Time

Helping You Find Your Balance

As we near our senior years, many of us find that our balance isn’t what it used to be. When paired with a reduction in bone density, this can become a health hazard and threaten your ability to live as independently as possible. The Otago exercise program focuses on strengthening the muscles of seniors, helping them regain a sense of stability, specifically geared toward those over 80 years of age who have experienced falls in the past year.

How Otago Works

Otago starts with three assessments to determine a baseline of balance, strength and walking ability. Following the assessment, you will work for eight weeks with one of our experienced and specialized physical therapists on exercises to improve your balance, strength and safety. The exercises you learn with your therapist should be continued at home as well, to ensure progress is made. You will be reassessed at every visit, so your trainer can make personalized changes to your treatment plan based on your pace. Because no one is the same, follow-up visits are available as needed.

Are you ready for an evaluation? Contact the Stone Rehabilitation Center at 757-266-5162 to schedule an evaluation.