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Cardiac Care & Recovery

Perfecting the Art of Recovery – One Heartbeat at a Time

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Stone Rehab offers cardiac rehabilitation to people who have experienced an acute episode such as a heart attack or heart failure, or have undergone cardiac surgery. We provide each individual with education, counseling and training to create a lifestyle modification and risk reduction plan, returning you to your highest level of function.

Our therapists work with you to establish vital monitoring and improvement across your stay. You will learn exercises to strengthen your heart and your overall health. Risk assessments help you make healthy choices and decrease your chances of further episodes. If you need medicines, our specialists can help you with medication management. We provide counseling as appropriate; to make sure you have all the tools necessary to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle.

All of this comes together to help reduce stress so you can focus on getting well during your stay with us. In the tranquil, supportive environment at Stone Rehab, you’ll have everything you need—from a private suite to chef-prepared food—so you can concentrate on regaining heart health and adopting healthy habits that last.

Stone Rehab offers the amenities to help you feel at home. Our highly trained physical, occupational and speech therapists work together and with your physician to create a game plan that makes your rehabilitation as successful as possible. With our Birdsong tablet, you have pain management, entertainment and brain stimulation applications right at your fingertips. Our state-of-the-art rehabilitation/therapy gym offers opportunities for low-impact exercise to strengthen your heart muscle and increase your overall fitness.

The Benefits of Cardiac Rehab

The most important benefit of cardiac rehab is reducing your chances of having another acute cardiac episodeCardiac rehab decreases or controls risk factors that contribute to the likelihood of a future cardiac event.  We help you identify potentially dangerous habits and recommend healthier alternatives.

With our nutrition and endurance coaching, you can monitor weight and experience less shortness of breath. We will create a nutrition plan that focuses on improving your heart health.   

How Long Will I Be in Cardiac Rehab?

The general rule of thumb for cardiac rehabilitation is about two weeks. Understanding that medical attention will be needed after your temporary stay here, Stone Rehab will work with you and your loved ones to fully prepare you to move from your suite here to an in-home service. 

The Stone Rehab Difference

The therapists at Stone Rehab work with you and your doctor to create a personalized cardiac care plan.

  • Work with therapists one-on-one to identify and modify potential at-risk habits.
  • Learn the heart-healthy exercises you need to regain stamina and improve overall health at our state-of-the-art rehabilitation/ therapy gym.
  • Use technology such as our Right Track app and Birdsong tablet to help you and your loved ones track your rehab progress and pain management needs.

Ready to discuss your recovery and treatment plan? Talk to our Admission Director at 757-266-5162.